How A Sexual Assault Claim Will Be Investigated

Are you the victim of a sexual assault that took place on your college campus, and you're not sure what to do about it? Know that you have the ability to pursue legal action against the person that sexually assaulted you. There will need to be an investigation into their actions, and this is what you can expect to happen. Make A Complaint The first step of the process will be to make a formal legal complaint against your perpetrator. [Read More]

3 Common Types Of Bail Bonds You Need To Know About

Bail bonds are one of the most common types of bail services that people need. When someone is arrested, they must pay their bail in order to get out of jail after posting bond. However, it can be difficult to know which type of bond to get if you or your loved one gets arrested. These bonds come in many forms, and this article discusses three of them. 1. Cash Bail [Read More]

What's Next For Your Workers' Compensation Claim?

If you have been hurt while working, your employer should have you file an insurance claim. Almost all employers with a certain number of employees must provide workers with workers' compensation insurance coverage at no cost to them. However, the way things work can leave some hurt workers confused and even upset. To help you understand what is next after you experience a work-related accident, read below. After Your Accident (or the Discovery of an Occupational Illness) [Read More]

3 Times Business Owners Will Want to Hire a PI to Run Background Checks

As a business owner, you want to vet who you hire and who you work with. A private investigator will help you run a detailed background check by looking into someone's birth records, employment records, school records, driving records, and criminal records. You'll get a full picture of the person you are running the check on. As a small business owner, there are three different instances when you should run a background check. [Read More]