What's Next For Your Workers' Compensation Claim?

If you have been hurt while working, your employer should have you file an insurance claim. Almost all employers with a certain number of employees must provide workers with workers' compensation insurance coverage at no cost to them. However, the way things work can leave some hurt workers confused and even upset. To help you understand what is next after you experience a work-related accident, read below. After Your Accident (or the Discovery of an Occupational Illness) [Read More]

3 Times Business Owners Will Want to Hire a PI to Run Background Checks

As a business owner, you want to vet who you hire and who you work with. A private investigator will help you run a detailed background check by looking into someone's birth records, employment records, school records, driving records, and criminal records. You'll get a full picture of the person you are running the check on. As a small business owner, there are three different instances when you should run a background check. [Read More]

4 Things a Real Estate Attorney Can Do for Sellers

Buying a home is not the only time you may need a real estate attorney. For example, if you are selling your home, you will want to have a real estate attorney on your side. A real estate attorney can assist with these aspects when selling your home. Thing #1: Solve Documentation Issues When selling a home, one of the issues that can hamper your efforts to sell your home is titling or dead issues that involve documentation that wasn't properly handled years ago. [Read More]

When Should You Speak With a Tax Attorney?

Folks normally assume that speaking with a tax attorney means they're in for a fight with the IRS. Although that's certainly one reason to talk with a lawyer, it's far from the only time you should consider talking to one. How often should you consult with a tax attorney, though? Here are four ways you can determine if it's time. Major Changes in Income Tax attorneys can tell you how to navigate the potential pitfalls of moving into a different tax bracket. [Read More]