4 Steps To Take Immediately If You Slip And Fall In A Store

If you slip and fall in the store, you can be compensated if the store did not have a sign to caution you about the danger. When this happens, you may not be thinking too clearly about next steps. However, if this were to happen to you, you should take the proper steps to ensure that you are compensated for your fall. Here are four steps to take if you fall inside a store.

Collect Evidence

You will need to prove that you fell inside to store and that the store did not have any signs to warn you that the surface was dangerous. One of the first types of evidence that you could provide is an incident report. Most stores require that a store manager fill out an incident report when someone slips and falls in their establishment. Ask the store manager to fill out this incident report for you. Of course, if the fall causes life-threatening injuries, your first step should be to call an ambulance. You may be embarrassed after the fall if they want to rush out of the store, but you should make sure to have an incident report in your hand before you leave the store.

Medical Records

Do not refuse medical assistance after a slip and fall in the store. While you may feel that you are feeling fine, you may actually be hurt. Make sure that you visit a hospital to treat your injuries even if you think they are minor. At the hospital, make sure that you collect your medical records. These medical records will help build your injury claim.

Speak To Witnesses

When you slip and fall, look at the people around you. Some of them may have seen you fall. Ask them for their names and numbers so that you can put them on your witness list. Most people will be supportive after fall and will actually try to rush towards you to assist you make sure that you are okay. Don't let them leave before you get their name and information. Their testimony will also help to build your case.

Record And Capture Images Of The Area

Do you have your smartphone in your pocket? If so take pictures of the area where you fell. If there's no wet floor sign, make sure you capture this either in a picture or video. This will help build your injury claim. Of course, you may feel too injured to take any pictures or video. Ask someone nearby to help you with this. Remember that after you fall, the store manager may put wet floor signs around the area. Therefore, it is important that you captured this evidence immediately after your fall.

The preceding four steps lets you know exactly what you should do immediately after you have a slip and fall in a store. This period of time is not a time to remain lax or bemoan your situation. In order to build an injury claim, you will need to be diligent and act quickly after your fall. Contact a personal injury lawyer like Horlick Levitt Di Lella Personal Injury Lawyers for more information on what you should do after you slip and fall in the store.