What You Need To Know About Probate

Estate planning is essential for everyone, even if you do not think you have many assets to deal with. Before you make an estate plan, you need to fully understand probate so your family does not have any issues with your estate once you pass away. The following is some helpful information about probate: What Does Probate Mean? Probate is a process under the law that facilitates the distributions of a person's assets and estate after he or she passes away. [Read More]

Testimonies And Car Accident Cases: What You Need To Know

Involvement in a car accident is upsetting and stressful, even if you were not directly involved. While most car accidents settle with insurance companies or out of court, some cases do go before a judge. If this happens, you may be called in for a testimony. If you are called as a witness in a car accident case, you need to fully understand what you need to do once you get on the witness stand. [Read More]

How Court Reporting Can Change Legal Statuses Of Cases And Alter The Courses Of People's Lives

You would not think that anyone employed in the field of court reporting would have any legal power at all. To be sure, they exist to record the proceedings of cases and to provide written transcripts of the cases in court. However, you may be surprised to learn that court reporters can change the legal statuses of cases and alter the courses of people's lives. They do this while doing exactly what they are expected to do, which is keep accurate and detailed accounts of what is said and done in court. [Read More]

Options For Married Couples Filing For Bankruptcy

Struggling financially creates a huge upset in your world. When you are constantly worried about money, your family life suffers because of the worry, stress, and sometimes even anger. While it may be hard to accept the fact you cannot pay all your bills, once you reach that point, you should consider filing for bankruptcy. When it comes to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, being married does not mean that you both must file. [Read More]