Injured On Hotel Stairs: How A Lawyer Can Investigate & Help You Get Paid

Did you fall down the stairs in a hotel after tripping on damaged carpet? Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best way to get justice for the pain you're going through. Below, learn how a lawyer can investigate the incident and get you compensated in an exceptional amount of time:

What Can a Lawyer Do to Investigate an Injury at a Hotel?

You will have to consult with your lawyer and give specific details about what transpired when you tripped on the stairs. Don't worry about not remembering how well the stairs were carpeted because the lawyer will find out based on the information you give. He or she will visit the hotel and thoroughly inspect any carpet that is on the stairs and the floor you were walking on before walking down the stairs.

Another thing the lawyer may do is find out if there were anyone around that witnessed the incident. For instance, he or she may find out who was staying in rooms near the stairs on the day you were injured. An investigation of similar incidents on in the hotel will also be done.

A few of the other services your lawyer will perform include:

  • Obtaining your medical record
  • Assessing how the injury has affected your life
  • Coming up with a decent compensation amount

It is important for you to get paid for the current treatments you are undergoing and any future treatments. Get a document from your physician to hand to your lawyer about the extent of your treatment so it can be used as evidence in court.

How Long Does it Take to Get Compensated for an Injury?

Before taking your case to court, your lawyer will speak with the owner of the hotel to discuss handling the incident through mediation. The reason mediation is ideal is because you will have the chance to discuss your side of the story and an agreement can be made for faster compensation.

Going through the court system can end up being a lengthy process that leads to a judge having to make the final decision. Mediation will only work if the hotel owner agrees to it, but even if so, court may be necessary if a decision is not made.

Don't stress about paying for an injury that was at the fault of a negligent hotel owner. Contact a personal injury lawyer like Robert O. Levin Law Office to find out what can be done so you can get the financial help that you deserve!