Two Shocking Truths About Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are a risk to every driver. The sheer size of tractor trailer trucks gives them more leverage than a standard vehicle. This is why truck drivers often survive deadly collisions that claim the lives of other drivers. It might be shocking to you to find out that some of the accidents that occur involving trucks are due to negligent actions of drivers. The following information will help you to better understand what truck drivers on the road may be doing that could put you at risk. 


Everyone knows that driving a car under the influence of drugs or alcohol is risky. This is why it is shocking that some truck drivers operate their trucks under the influence. Their actions put them at risk for criminal prosecution, and their negligent behavior places other drivers at risk. Truck drivers who drive under the influence can be held liable for their actions in civil and criminal court. It is possible that a personal injury lawsuit could name the truck driving company as the liable party. For example, if the truck driving company knew that a truck driver was a substance abuser or failed to perform routine drug screens, they could be viewed as negligent in court proceedings. It is sensible to seek compensation from the trucking company when possible because they will likely be more financially stable than the drivers who work for them. 

Inappropriate Behavior

Drivers may also participate in activities that make operating their trucks dangerous. These actions may not necessarily be illegal. For example, distracted driving might be as simple as a driver reaching for their cellphone and causing an accident. It could also be an illegal action such as texting while driving that causes an accident. Some drivers are responsible for ensuring that their trucks are safe before driving off with their loads. If an issue such as a tire blowout or cargo issue that could have been prevented occurs, the driver's failure to check the tires or secure the cargo could be viewed as negligent behavior. 

A personal injury lawyer is one of the best resources you can use if you or a loved one is injured in a trucking accident. Even if the driver is not charged criminally, they might still be liable for compensating you in a personal injury case. This is because criminal charges involve breaking laws, but personal injury cases can be won by proving negligence took place. For more help, contact a law firm like Hurth Sisk & Blakemore LLP.