Are You Waiting For Workmans Compensation And It's Missing? What To Do

If your employer keeps telling you that your workers compensation is going to come through, but time keeps passing and you have gone without any wages since you were hurt on company time, it's time to get a lawyer. If your employer is starting to ask that you see a different doctor, or they are wondering when you are coming back, even though they haven't started processing your compensation claim, it's time to get legal help. Meet with a lawyer and have the following items for discussion.

Documented Communication with Your Employer

You should have documented proof of communication with your employer, where they are telling you that they have approved the compensation, that they will process it, or that you should already have it. If you have this in any type of letter or electronic message, this would be pest. If your employer has only verbally discussed these issues with you, you'll want them to go back through phone records and possible recordings for evidence for your case.

Report and Proof of the Injury

The company should have a file of the incident report that your lawyer can obtain. They may also have some video footage if the incident happened while you were on their commercial property, along with other employees that would be eye witnesses to your injuries. Gather all of these things if you can before you see your lawyer, and if your employer won't provide these things your lawyer can get a court order to access them.

Medical Evidence

Your medical injuries should be easy to prove. You should have all of the statements from the hospital, and it should be easy for you to get a statement from a doctor to talk about the charges. If you have imaging scans like and MRI, x-ray or CT scan, then you will want to get these for your case to give to your lawyer. Your lawyer may also have you see a specialist to get more information about your injuries.

If your employer is trying to deny you compensation or they are trying to drag out the issue until you no longer need and it an go back to work, you need to meet with a lawyer to go over the worker's compensation laws and to find out your rights. Not only could you be eligible to get the compensation your missing, but to also sue the company because of your injuries. 

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