When SSA Disability Can Pay Despite Treatment Refusal

As a rule, social security disability insurance isn't available for those who have refused treatment. As usual, however, there are a few exceptions to this rule that may allow you to receive the benefits even if you have refused treatment. For example, you may still be eligible for the benefits if:

You're Too Mentally Ill to Accept Treatment

If you have a mental illness that is making you decline treatment, then your treatment refusal will not be used as a basis for denying your benefits. This is because, in this case, your refusal for treatment is not something you can control. Of course, a doctor has to confirm this before SSA will agree to the exception.

You Can't Follow Prescribed Treatment

It's not just mental illness that can render you unable to follow your doctor's instructions, even physical illness may lead to the same quagmire. For example, extreme paralysis may make it difficult for you to follow some physical therapy instructions without assistance. If you don't have the assistance, then SSA cannot hold it against you and use it as a basis for denying your benefits.

You Can't Pay for Treatment

This is a real possibility, especially if you have been sick for some time and your treatment have exhausted your finances. Again, since this isn't something of your own choosing, SSA won't hold it against you and you will continue receiving the benefits.

You Have Received Conflicting Treatment Instructions

This can happen if you are receiving treatment from multiple doctors, which is likely to be the case if you have serious injuries or injuries on different parts of the body. For example, if you have an internal organ problem and a bone problem, the respective doctors handling both issues may disagree on when to start your physical therapy. In that case, SSA won't hold it against you if you don't start physiotherapy as soon as possible.

The Treatment Prescribed Is Against Your Religion

Since the constitution guarantees religious treatment, SSA will not deny you disability benefits if you are refusing treatment because it's against your religious benefits. As you would expect, you will need to prove that you belong to the religion you are professing and that it's against your prescribed treatment.

In short, don't assume that you are automatically ineligible for the benefits just because you haven't completed your prescribed treatment. Consult local social security disability attorneys to help you determine if there is there is an exception you can use to become eligible for the benefits.