Reasons You Should Not Settle With The Insurance Company Before Your Medical Treatment Is Complete

If you were involved in an auto accident that left you injured, the insurance company may offer you a settlement to close out your case. If you have not yet completed your medical treatment and are not healed, you should not accept the offer. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

You Do Not Know If Your Issues Will Resolve

The top reason why you should not settle a case with the insurance company before your medical treatment is complete is because you do not know if your issues or injuries will fully resolve or not. You may not realize it, but in some cases, the other party may have to pay you for permanent injuries, such as loss of motion or disfigurement. If you are still treating, no one knows if you will fully heal or to what level you will heal. Odds are, you are not being properly compensated for this because the insurance company does not know if you will be entitled to it. If you wait until your treatment is complete, you will know whether your issues are resolved or what level of permanent disability you sustained. 

You Do Not Know How Much Treatment You May or May Not Need

Another reason you should not settle before you have healed is because you do not know how much treatment you may need in the future. People heal at different rates. If you are a slow healer, you may need more treatment than the insurance company is compensating you for. Unfortunately, this may leave you having to pay any additional medical expenses above and beyond what the insurance company settled for out of your own pocket. 

You Do Not Know What Types of Treatment May Be Needed

The last reason why you should not settle with the insurance company before your medical treatment is complete is because you do not know what types of treatment may be needed. A doctor may state that they expect physical therapy to resolve your issues. But if that doesn't work, you may find yourself needing surgery. There is a huge difference between the cost of physical therapy and surgery. If you have settled and your treatment plan changes, you cannot go back and ask for additional monies. As such, it is in your best interest to wait and settle once your injuries have healed. 

If you have been involved in an auto accident that caused you injury, you should have a consultation with an auto accident lawyer before accepting any settlement. They can help ensure that the settlement is fair and that the amount you are given helps to properly compensate you for any wages you lost out on from work, all of your medical expenses and any compensation you may be entitled to due to pain and suffering and permanent injuries. Visit a site like for more help.