Three Signs You Should Sue For Your Injury-Related Damages

Not every injury that occurs off of your own property is a reason to sue. But deciding when to sue and when not to sue can feel a bit murky, especially if you've never been involved in a personal injury lawsuit before. Here are three signs that you should sue for your injury-related damages.

1. Your damages are substantial.

Even with the very best lawyer on your side and a very strong case, a personal injury lawsuit can be time-consuming to pursue. Between the legal meetings and time spent in court, you will have to dedicate many hours to your case. Therefore, it's probably not worth it to sue if you only incurred a few hundred dollars' worth of damages as a result of your injury. For instance, if you broke a finger and your only real medical expenses have been $30 worth of copays and $10 for Advil, the case is not worth your time -- even if you were to win. On the other hand, if your damages are substantial, between medical bills and lost wages, this is a sign you should sue.

2. Your injury will be ongoing.

If you bruised yourself and within a week, everything was back to normal, then you probably don't want to go through with the hassle of a personal injury case. The judge may not take your side for a minor injury, anyways. On the other hand, if your injury will continue to impact the way you live your life for years or even for the rest of your life, then you definitely deserve some compensation.

3. The injury was not your fault.

Just because the injury occurred on someone else's land does not mean the landowner is automatically at fault. To win your case, you will have to prove that they acted negligently by doing something -- or failing to do something -- that caused your injury. If you were walking across a flat floor and tripped over your own feet, for instance, you'll have a hard time winning your case. On the other hand, if the landowner failed to put up a sign warning you of the giant pothole, and you fell in it, you may have a good case.

The best way to know whether you should file a personal injury lawsuit is to talk with a lawyer. Meet with a car accident attorney (abogados de accidentes)  in your area, and tell them your story. They'll let you know what your best option is.