Reasons Defendants Choose Trials Instead Of Plea Bargains

In most criminal cases, courts prefer solving and settling matters through the use of plea bargains rather than trials. Do you know why? Plea bargains offer guilty verdicts and a faster way to get a case through the court system. If you are offered a plea in your case, you could take it, but you do not have to. The alternative is going through a trial, and here are some of the reasons defendants in criminal cases will choose to go through a trial instead of accepting the plea.

They Are Not Willing to Accept Guilt for the Crime

There are situations where defendants refuse plea agreements because they are not willing to accept any form of guilt for the crime. If a person truly did not commit the crime or is simply unwilling to admit he or she did, this person might stand firm to innocence in the case. A person in this position would rather take on the risks of getting a guilty verdict by the jury than admit he or she committed the crime.

There Is a Ton of Evidence that Proves Their Innocence

In some cases, people prefer trials over pleas because there is so much evidence they can use that would show they are innocent. If you have a large amount of evidence that would make the jury have to state that you are innocent, then going through a trial might be a better choice than settling through a plea.

There Is No Evidence that Proves They Are Guilty

If there is not enough evidence to prove you are innocent, what about the evidence that proves you are guilty? If the court does not have any proof that you committed the crime in question, it would be hard for a jury to convict you of it. This is another reason some defendants choose trials.  

They Are Willing to Take the Risk

The other factor involved is that a defendant who chooses a trial over a plea always takes on risk and is willing to take on this risk. Whenever there is a trial for a crime, there is always a chance the jury might find the person guilty, even if the evidence does not back up this verdict. Therefore, before you shun the plea you are offered, make sure you are willing to take the risks of a trial.

As a defendant in a criminal case, you have the right to a trial, but you might also have the opportunity to take a plea. The choice is yours, but you should always talk to an experienced criminal lawyer before making this big decision. For more information speak with a criminal defense attorney near you.