Don't Let These Assumptions Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

Car accidents can create stress and misery and that can lead to making some very unwise assumptions about being compensated. If a careless driver has caused you to be injured, try to avoid making the below very common post-accident assumptions.

The Other Driver Is Sorry So You Express Sympathy Too

It's perfectly natural to sympathize with the other driver after the wreck. However, you must be extremely careful what you say about the accident — particularly how it happened. If you are generally sorry that the accident occurred at all, you can express your concern only if you do so carefully. Never say you had a part in causing the accident and that advice goes for all interactions you have after the wreck. Watch what you say to the law enforcement officer, medical personnel, accident adjusters, and anyone else.

You Are Not Badly Hurt and You Reassure Friends on Social Media

Hopping on Facebook or other sites right after the accident and venting has become second nature, but an accident is no ordinary circumstance. What you say is far from private no matter what your settings allow. All posts can be subpoenaed by a court order and your assurances to friends that you were not hurt at all or not very much can really come back to haunt you. When it comes to the accident, keep your thoughts about the accident to yourself and your personal injury lawyer.

You Assume That the Insurer Is on Your Side

It's not every day that you interact with an automobile insurance agency. Keep in mind that insurers must make a profit and to that end, they are not on your side. Even if you know the other driver was at fault, their insurer will try to reduce the sum they have to pay. They do this by getting you to speak (on the record) about the accident, promising you a check if you sign a release, and making you think you are being paid the maximum you can get.

You Think You Will Be Paid What You Deserve

You may have heard about accident damages like lost wages and pain and suffering and just assumed that you will be paid for them. Unfortunately, you may have to take legal action before you are paid those things. Most insurers will pay for your medical expenses and your wrecked vehicle, but nothing more.

Be wary of your actions after an accident and speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.