Birth Injuries Are Too Common

One of the most tragic things that can happen during labor and delivery is a birth injury. Birth injuries are serious, and they can impact your child's ability to live their best life. If your child has experienced a birth injury, you may wonder what you should do next.

These are some things you need to know about your child's birth injuries and how to proceed.

First, Understand the Cause of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can be caused by several factors. For one, injuries can be caused by the actions of a doctor during the labor and delivery process. The injuries could result from mistakes made by a professional during pregnancy as well. Newborns are fragile, and many different issues can impact them.

Obstetrician Medical Malpractice

One of the most common causes of birth injuries stems from obstetrician malpractice. For instance, the obstetrician may not monitor patients properly or might ignore signs and symptoms of ongoing issues. They may also fail to make the right decisions, like to deliver a child via C-section.

Labor and Delivery Malpractice

One common cause of birth injury during labor and delivery is the use of different tools. For example, the doctor may use forceps or another tool to extract the baby, but it could cause nerve damage or something else permanent that impacts your child's life.

This kind of birth injury can also stem from a doctor failing to use the tools and resources available to them. This means that your child could be left in the birth canal longer than necessary.

Neonatal Care Malpractice

Sometimes birth injuries occur quickly after birth. Newborn babies are quite fragile, and they could experience even a temporary issue that impacts their health for the rest of their life.  Neonatal nurses and pediatricians take care of many babies each day, but mistakes can happen as the baby tries to adjust to life outside of the uterus.

In some cases, failure to diagnose health conditions is a serious concern. Not diagnosing a condition early on means that a child's symptoms can worsen before they get better, leaving you with higher medical bills even if your child recovers completely.

Consult With a Birth Injury Lawyer

A birth injury lawyer will analyze your case and help you determine how much it may be worth. They will assess your child's injuries and help you make the best choice for moving forward with a plan.