Ways A Truck Accident Attorney's Expertise Will Be Indispensable After A Collision

While most car accidents have the potential of being calamitous, truck accidents are especially disastrous. This is due to two main reasons: Firstly, trucks are massive in comparison to a standard passenger car. Therefore, when one runs into your vehicle, your car will take the brunt of this collision since it is much smaller than the truck. Secondly, trucks are incredibly heavy. Hence, the force of the collision will not only cause extensive car damage, but the impact can also leave you and any passengers in your car badly injured.

As the owner of the smaller vehicle, you have much more to lose. With this in mind, you must retain the counsel of a truck accident attorney, as they will be the best-placed legal professional to ensure you are adequately compensated. Below are a few of the ways that a truck accident attorney's expertise will be indispensable after a collision.

A Truck Accident Attorney Will Know How Best to Gather Evidence to Support Your Case

One of the first things that the truck accident attorney will try to establish when they take on your case is the liable party. If you had no part in causing the accident, the liability will lie squarely with the truck driver. There are several ways that the truck accident lawyer will go about this. To begin with, all truck drivers have a maximum number of hours that they can drive. The truck accident attorney can request for the driver's records to establish whether they have violated these hours of service.

Secondly, the truck accident attorney can subpoena the truck company to relinquish the black box outfitted in the truck involved in the collision. Also known as an Event Data Recorder, the black box will have a wide range of information such as the speed the truck driver was driving it, airbag deployment, crash force, brake activation, the duration, of the collision, and so much more. The lawyer can then dissect this information to establish liability.

A Truck Accident Attorney Will Be Acquainted With the Industry’s Regulations

Every industry has regulations governing it, and the truck industry is no different. Therefore, when you are involved in a collision caused by a truck, it is advisable to hire a truck accident lawyer since you will not be familiar with the rules and complexities that truck drivers need to adhere to.

A truck accident attorney, will know what violations could implicate the truck driver and, consequently simplify your case. For example, there are stringent rules on how frequently trucks need to be professionally inspected and maintained. If the truck that collided with your car has not complied with these regulations, the driver can be found at fault.

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