Benefits Of Working With A Nonprofit Compliance Expert

As the owner of a nonprofit organization, you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. There are often many stories you hear about nonprofit organizations that commit some violation of the law, whether it be related to employment, fundraising, or a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, such stories can erode the public's trust in a nonprofit. Fortunately, working with a nonprofit compliance expert can help you maintain your integrity and the public's trust in your organization.

Improvements to Public Perception

Many nonprofit organizations rely on public support to bring in revenue. In fact, 10% of the biggest organizations throughout the U.S. receive most of their revenue via public support. The public often provides revenue in the form of monetary donations, which average around $700, though online donations only average approximately $170.

Because nonprofits must rely on public support, it is important to maintain a positive perception. A lack of compliance can damage a nonprofit organization's reputation, thus limiting the amount of public support the organization receives. Thankfully, if you work with a compliance expert, you can help improve your image and solidify the public's perception that they are dealing with a trustworthy organization.

Fundraising in All States

Nonprofit organizations often rely on fundraisers to generate the money needed to support whatever cause your organization stands by. For instance, if your nonprofit organization seeks to support the local community by having food, school supplies for low-income children, and after-school activities for at-risk youth, you will need to have money to support those causes.

Fundraisers can be a great way to bring awareness to your organization and what it stands for while generating the money you need to support your cause. However, you must make sure you are following along with fundraising requirements first and foremost. A nonprofit compliance expert can ensure that you are following fundraising laws and regulations, such as being allowed to solicit in every state, solicit from potential donors, and collect on proceedings without having to pay taxes.

A nonprofit compliance expert can essentially be your first line of defense against the downfall of your organization. Contact a professional near you to find out more about the benefits of having a nonprofit compliance expert on your side. He or she can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your organization and the compliance issues that can arise. It is better to have an expert help you along the way so you are not caught by any unwelcomed surprises.

For more information, contact a nonprofit compliance professional near you.