Filing An Appeal For Domestic Violence: Is It Worth It?

If you are involved in a domestic violence suit and do not like the outcome of the trial, there is a chance that you can appeal the ruling. This is especially important if you feel unsafe that a restraining order was not granted. You will also need to consider whether other factors make an appeal worth it, such as costs and time commitments. The following is information you will need when making a decision about appealing the ruling of your case: [Read More]

Teen Emancipation During A Divorce: How To Handle This Harrowing Situation

A divorce is never an easy process, especially when the married couple has children. However, if a teen sues for emancipation during this process, it can get even worse. How can this situation be handled in a successful manner? Teens May Sue For Emancipation During A Divorce When a teen sues for emancipation during a divorce, parents can be blindsided and heartbroken. This situation typically occurs if a teen feels upset about a divorce, ignored by their parents, or otherwise neglected. [Read More]

Put Together the Best Durable Power of Attorney Form

A durable power of attorney form could be critically helpful to the adult children of an elderly parent. In the sad instance of the parent suffering a stroke or other incapacitating medical condition, durable POA allows an adult child -- or whoever is chosen -- to be able to handle various financial and other affairs on behalf of the grantor. Those wondering if acquiring power of attorney is difficult should feel somewhat at ease. [Read More]

4 Things You Need To Know If An Undocumented Immigrant Is Arrested

Undocumented immigrants in the United States often live in fear of being arrested. Fortunately, they do have some rights under existing laws and may not be automatically sent back to their country of origin. They may be able to get released via an immigration bond. Immigration bonds work much like ordinary bail bonds with a few significant differences. Here are four things that you need to know about immigration bonds in the event that a loved one who is an undocumented immigrant is arrested. [Read More]