Auto Accident Attorney: Signs It's Time To Hire One

Driving often forces you into stressful situations. Even the best drivers have to face them. If you encounter any of the following, it's time to hire an auto accident attorney. They'll be an informative guide throughout your legal journey.  Aren't Sure How to Use Your Auto Insurance It's good to have auto insurance because you never know when an auto accident may negatively affect your life. However, you might not know how to use your insurance after a collision with another vehicle. [Read More]

Navigating Tax Troubles: How A Tax Attorney Can Help You And Your Business

Tax issues can be daunting, especially if you're facing legal repercussions for noncompliance. Whether you're an individual or a business owner, seeking professional help from a tax attorney can be the difference between a successful resolution and a financial disaster.  Common Tax Issues Faced by Individuals and Businesses Tax audits are one of the most common tax issues individuals and businesses face. The IRS uses audits to verify that the information reported on your tax returns is correct. [Read More]

Can Both Sides Win — Or Lose — A Personal Injury Case?

When you go to court over a personal injury, the expected outcome is that one side will win and one side will lose the case. But this isn't the only option. In fact, both parties can win and both parties can lose. How? Here are two scenarios you may face and what they mean for both sides.  1. A Claim and Counterclaim A counterclaim is a secondary lawsuit wrapped up within the original one. [Read More]

Tips For Stress-Free Custody Visitations

When parents part ways, visitation encourages visits between non-custodial parties and their children. Follow the tips below to help ensure that child custody visitation is a positive and stress-free experience for everyone. It's up to you to make a good plan. The court only steps in and orders the creation of a visitation schedule when the parents cannot agree on one on their own. You and your spouse are uniquely qualified to make a visitation plan that works well now and in the future. [Read More]