Who Is Liable If You Are Hit By A Self-Driving Car While Walking Across The Street?

As autonomous taxis, cars, buses, trucks, and airport shuttle vans hit the roads, more accidents with autonomous vehicles (AVs) will happen. Self-driving car makers say their cars will get in significantly fewer accidents than human-driven cars.  So if a self-driving car hits you at a crosswalk, will you be able to prove the car is at fault? While awaiting the outcome of the first lawsuit involving a self-driving car and a pedestrian death, filed against Tesla in April in a California court, the responses of self driving car makers to personal injury lawsuits have been mixed. [Read More]

How Death Affects Credit Card Debts

Few people don't have at least one credit card in their wallet. When a person passes away, loved ones left behind may be puzzled as to how to handle balances on credit cards. Read on and find out more about how credit card debts are affected by death. Probate and Debts of the Deceased Unless your loved one has very little debt and property, the estate will have to go through probate. [Read More]

Is It Possible To Challenge A Garnishment?

The average person needs every penny of their paycheck to survive. Therefore, when a person receives notice that a garnishment request has been levied against their earnings, it can feel overwhelming. Garnishments are a legally authorized process that is typically the result of a judgment that was awarded to another company or individual against you.  Although they are legal, it does not mean that you don't have any options; there are measures you can take. [Read More]

Understanding Recoverable Damages In Wrongful Death Cases

"Damages" is a term used in law to describe the compensation that's paid to plaintiffs if they prevail in their cases. An award of damages can be made if someone pursues a claim successfully through the insurance system, direct negotiation with a self-insuring party or a lawsuit. If you're planning to meet with a wrongful death attorney to talk about the possibility of bringing a claim, you should try to familiarize yourself a bit with the types of damages that can be recovered. [Read More]