Getting The Social Security Disability Benefits You Need When You Can't Work

A serious accident can lead to injuries that make it impossible for you to work. An illness can leave you incapable of fulfilling your job duties. A disability can come on suddenly or can be caused by a chronic condition that gets worse over time. If you are unable to work, social security disability benefits are supposed to help you remain financially secure. In more than 60% of cases, the initial application for social security disability benefits is denied. [Read More]

Reasons Defendants Choose Trials Instead Of Plea Bargains

In most criminal cases, courts prefer solving and settling matters through the use of plea bargains rather than trials. Do you know why? Plea bargains offer guilty verdicts and a faster way to get a case through the court system. If you are offered a plea in your case, you could take it, but you do not have to. The alternative is going through a trial, and here are some of the reasons defendants in criminal cases will choose to go through a trial instead of accepting the plea. [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Probate

Estate planning is essential for everyone, even if you do not think you have many assets to deal with. Before you make an estate plan, you need to fully understand probate so your family does not have any issues with your estate once you pass away. The following is some helpful information about probate: What Does Probate Mean? Probate is a process under the law that facilitates the distributions of a person's assets and estate after he or she passes away. [Read More]

Testimonies And Car Accident Cases: What You Need To Know

Involvement in a car accident is upsetting and stressful, even if you were not directly involved. While most car accidents settle with insurance companies or out of court, some cases do go before a judge. If this happens, you may be called in for a testimony. If you are called as a witness in a car accident case, you need to fully understand what you need to do once you get on the witness stand. [Read More]