Three Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

One of the most important things you can do for your financial future is to build a good credit score. This will help you to get reasonable rates when you buy a home, get a job, and even get lower insurance rates. Here are three things that you need to do in order to build that good credit score: Build credit through multiple types of loans Creditors like to see that you are using more than just credit cards. [Read More]

3 Financial Keys To Consider For The Divorce Process

In today's society, divorce is a fact of life for a whole lot of people. If you come upon a time when it appears that your marriage is about to be over, it is very important that you learn some important financial tips that will protect you during the divorce process and beyond. Use these tips to your advantage, so that you are able to keep what is yours and safeguard your finances once the marriage is over. [Read More]

3 Myths About Bankruptcy And The Truth

Bankruptcy is a good option for some people, but they never file because of misinformation they have received from others who do not have legal experience. Instead of continuing to struggle financially, it is important that you learn the truth about bankruptcy and decide based on that, whether or not it is a good option for you. Here are some of the most common myths about it.  You Will Lose Everything [Read More]

Assuming A New Identity After A Divorce Via A Name Change

When a married couple proceeds through a divorce, many changes occur as a result-- from splitting up property to determining a visitation schedule for children. Understanding the process of these changes, of course, is the key to achieving the result that you desire. A big part of the process, especially for women, is the legal changing of your last name. While many individuals decide to return to their maiden name after a divorce, you also have the option to change your last name to whatever you choose. [Read More]