Enhancing Disability Claims With Digital Documentation

Dealing with pain and difficulties from an injury is problematic enough without long wait times and seemingly unfair denials getting in the way. The disability claims system can be difficult to navigate, but with a lawyer's assistance and a few creative communication and documentation techniques, you can bring more attention to your claim and escalate the problem to an official that can make a difference.

Enhance Your Medical Evidence With Mobile Devices

The bland appearance of ink on paper can make it easy for the real pain and obstacles of disability sufferers to be lost in the shuffle. Examiners and claims processing personnel can do their best to promote a healthy, productive disability system, but mistakes happen. There are a few ways that you can pull your claim away from those mistakes.

Your claim needs to be different. Using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer, visit your doctor and discuss a recorded examination. Make sure to plan the visit ahead of time to give the doctor enough preparation time to deliver a thorough, constructive review of your issue.

The video can allow claims officials to review your disability information in a more casual, but still quite detailed, fashion than reading the same lines of paperwork throughout the day. It isn't required, but it is a sufficient change in pace that may be appreciated.

Modern mobile devices use video and picture formats that are generally accepted by other modern computers regardless of branding. Once you send the information, make sure to follow up with claims officials to confirm that your video documentation has been received.

Faster Replies To Keep Officials Engaged

If you're being asked for more information or replacement information, or need to send an appeal, it's in your best interest to keep yourself at the top of the claims personnel's mind. A recently worked on file may have less of a chance to be forgotten or lost.

Getting the information to claims officials on time is a different issue. In the past, mailing documents, or hand delivering if you're in the area, were the only methods. Traditional mail takes time and allows issues to be pushed to the back of the mind as new claims enter the system.

By using your mobile device to update the status of your information on the go, you can stay engaged and show the claims system that you're ready to work with them on the claim. With your video documentation, you can send the video from the comfort of your home or anywhere with wireless Internet, then follow up with comments on the information from you, your doctor and the relevant claims employees.

If you need assistance with pushing for greater communications and more robust evidence, contact a lawyer.