Posted Warning Signs: Do You Still Have A Case?

Business owners and property owners display warning signs in an attempt to protect anyone on their property from a potentially dangerous situation. They also post warning signs to protect themselves from property liability cases. What happens if you get bitten by a dog or slip on wet floor and there was a "wet floor" or "beware of dog" sign posted? Do you still have a case?

Yes, You Have Still Have a Case

In most situations, you have a personal injury case for property liability regardless of if a sign was posted or not. The posted sign will just make it significantly harder for you to get any form of compensation for your injuries. Naturally, it is a good idea to learn a little more about some of the more common warning signs and what the possible outcomes of your potential personal injury case could be.

"Do No Enter" Warning Sign

All property owners hold a responsibility for maintaining a certain level of safety on their property. Legally, this is known as premises or property liability. With a "Do No Enter" sign, individuals who step onto your property without permission are legally considered to be trespassers.

Unfortunately, even a trespasser has some rights when it comes to property liability. If the owner created the unsafe condition, the condition caused serious injury (or death), or the owner failed to warn the trespasser about the condition, the trespasser may be entitled to compensation as well.

"Beware of Dog" Warning Sign

Most property owners just assume a "beware of dog" sign is enough to protect them from being sued if their dog were to attack someone. What most property owners do not know is that this warning sign is very commonly used against the owner of the dog in a case for financial compensation.

The individual who was attacked by the dog can argue that the dog owner knew there was a risk the dog would attack someone. Otherwise, why would the owner have had the sign posted in the first place?

If you were injured on someone's property and there was a sign posted, there is no reason for you to just forget about the injury and struggle to pay the medical bills on your own. You need to pick up the phone and contact a personal injury lawyer. Tell the lawyer from a Heritage Law Group what happened and exactly what kind of sign was posted. If possible, take pictures of where you were hurt as well as where the sign is. Even with a posted warning sign, your lawyer may be able to get you financial compensation depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.