Hiring A DUI Lawyer To Represent You In Court

In the event that you are arrested and charged with any crime, it is in your best interest to hire the best DUI attorney that can represent you in court and help you work through the many legal processes that you will have to deal with. DUI is not different really. But how do you get the best lawyer for your situation and how do you go about hiring or retaining them?

When To Hire a Lawyer

The question of when to consider hiring a lawyer for your DUI case is pretty simple to answer. If you are arrested, you need to hire a lawyer before you make any statements, submitting to any tests, or make any decisions. Just as you would go to the doctor with a medical issue, you need to consult a lawyer for legal issues. Ask for a lawyer first thing and do not do anything else until you have one to represent your interests. If you try to forgo this, you will have a much harder time in court.

Not Just Any Lawyer Will Do

When you start considering a lawyer for your case, look at their past cases and experience. You want to have a lawyer that has worked on cases like yours and will best represent you. Hiring an attorney who works with real estate would not be the best choice for a DUI case. Take the time to find the right one for the case. You may need to work with a general attorney right after your arrest but before the case goes to court, get someone involved that knows the ins and outs of this kind of case.

Following Your Lawyer's Lead

You are spending your hard earned cash to hire someone that specializes in cases just like yours. You took the time to find the right person for the job, so listen to what they suggest. If your attorney tells you the best way to handle a part of the case or a course of action that works best, listen to their advice. They are the specialists and have the experience to guide them. If you feel like they are not serving your interests in the direction they want to take the case, you could always call another lawyer and get a second opinion but don't just disregard the advice they are giving.

Public Defenders and Costs

In some cases, you might not be able to afford a private attorney and you might have no choice other than to work with the public defender's offices. They have a lot of experience working on many different kinds of cases and while they might not specialize in cases just like yours, they will have the court experience you need. Be sure to talk to them about what you expect and if you feel the attorney assigned to you is not working to represent you fairly, you can ask the judge to assign a new attorney to the case.